Sharing Cities Network

The Sharing Cities Network connects local sharing activists in cities around the world for fun, mutual support, and sharing movement building. Over 40 cities have already gotten involved and are growing their local grass roots sharing economies. Find out if your city is part of the network


Shareable has been telling stories from the frontlines of the sharing movement since 2009. Stories of tool lending libraries, timebanks, community clothing swaps, and visions of a worldwide sharing economy. Over time, the visions have turned into realities, the seedlings into sprouting truths. It’s undeniable: the sharing movement is growing every day.

Answering the call from communities to turn words into action, we have stepped up our game since early 2013 and have fostered the growth of sharing cities by coordinating: The Sharing Cities Network, Map Jams, ShareFests, Seed Grants, Sharing Cities Fellowship and Sharing Cities Community Pages.

But the sharing transformation isn’t just about our city or your city. It’s about all of us, everywhere, working to create a better world both locally and globally. In an effort to facilitate the convergence of disparate sharing efforts worldwide the Sharing Cities Network was born. The Sharing Cities Network is a grassroots network of sharing leaders around the world that are building ‘sharing cities’ one project or initiative at a time while working towards a much bigger vision. The goal is to create and support cities with local, cooperative economies through shared housing, energy, food, transit, work, tools, education, and finance.

Taking part in the Sharing Cities Network is a pretty inspiring experience. Through webinars, google hangouts, emails, and in person conversations this network shares successes, mistakes, lessons learned, and best practices. Creating new sharing projects can be daunting but it doesn’t feel like starting from scratch when you have the experience and support of folks who have been there right by your side.

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